About ITP -- Millennium Corporation®


Time and again it has been demonstrated in the world of corporate training and elsewhere that people learn by doing. That is why the ITP Program is a world of hands-on, interactive learning. From the first day of the program students are active "employees" of Millennium Corporation®, a simulated consulting company.

What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.

-- Aristotle




Millennium Corporation® is an entrepreneurial, team-based organization, and the core of the ITP curriculum. Through this simulated company, students work on many IT-related projects, answering RFP's, proposing and designing web sites and intranets, developing product specs and benchmarking the progress, all as if they were employees of an actual company.

Project-based learning demands that students constantly apply and adapt the knowledge and skills learned in the daily ITP courses.

Over the year, students are given the opportunity to work in different positions, including executive and management roles, and in departments dealing with research & development, human resources, finance, operations and marketing. Everything you learn and apply in the simulation will fall under one or more of the three core areas of the curriculum:

1. Business & organizational skills
2. Knowledge of technical applications
3. Interpersonal and communication skills

Just-in-time training ensures that students learn what they need to know when they need to know it. Students face progressively more difficult challenges as their knowledge and skill base grows.